Student Innovation Project

More information about my SIP can be found here, from the reason as to why I decided to develop Tecam to the actual development of the project.

Parallel Lines

Project Description

My project is a software that shares real-time data about the border port of entry located in Tecate, Mexico. The software will be responsible for recording, analyzing, predicting, and displaying the estimated wait times of the commercial vehicle lane in the Tecate port of entry. It is notoriously known that getting back into the U.S through the vehicle entries can take quite a long time, hours upon hours in the worst cases. Not knowing how many cars are waiting to cross the country, or how long it will take to do so, has been a problem since the port was made available.


As a lifelong resident of Tecate, and crossing through the vehicle lane countless of times, I know first hand the struggles that arise due to the uncertainty of how saturated the lane is at a given moment. I want to alleviate some of these problems by sharing with the people the information they desire. As of now, there are no reliable solutions to this problem, especially not in the Tecate port of entry, and Tecam is trying to change that.


Innovation Claim

Tecam will provide information in a more reliable and consistent manner than any solution offered regarding Tecate’s port of entry commercial lanes and the estimated wait times when using these lanes.